Example URL: http://localhost:7897/e/{}/subnets
Pro Tier’s subnetting system allows the penetration tester or team to breakdown a large engagement, maintain scope, and focus on individual segments of a target network.
Pro Tier's Subnetting System

Subnet Filtering

Use the Filter column
of the Subnets table to show or hide various subnets you have created. The application's Sidebar, Boards, and Matrix views will reflect the IP subnets you selected. Use the
links at the bottom of the table to enable or disable all subnets.

IP List Shortcuts

IP Shortcuts
The Subnets screen provides a convenient list of filtered IP addresses to run additional tools against a subnet, such as nmap or EyeWitness to quickly scan large blocks of IP addresses.

Subnet Scans

These subnets can be used in scan templates.
Using Subnets in Scan Templates

Tier Availability

Subnets are available on Pro Tier.