User Maintenance

Example URL: http://localhost:7897/admin

Pro Tier's User Maintenance is available from the Admin Panel. The number of active users is limited by your Pro Tier license. Visit the PenTest.WS Store to purchase additional user licenses.

Creating Users

Username: must be unique in the Pro Tier installation and a minimum of three (3) characters

Admin: creating an Admin user allows them to access the Admin Panel, including User Maintenance. This does not give them access to other users' private Engagements.

Email: the user's email address

Login Strategy: select between Local or LDAP Authentication login strategy

Password / Confirm: minimum of eight (8) characters

Random Password: generates a random eight (8) character temporary password. Be sure to select "Send Welcome Email: Yes - With Password". The user will be asked to change their password at first login.

Send Welcome Email: if you have setup SMTP Integration the application can send a welcome email to new users, with or without their new password.

Tier Availability

User Maintenance is available on Pro Tier.

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