Scratchpad Editor

Example URL:{}/host/{}/scratchpad

Scratchpad is a per Host repository of your notes, programming code, scripts, documentation, or any other rich text you want to associate with a Host.

  • Code editing with syntax highlighting for over 150 programming languages.

  • Hierarchical file structure with drag-and-drop.

  • Download files through the browser or using wget/curl/downloadstring.

  • Instantly switch between code & rich text editing.

  • Import CherryTree XML files!

Toolbar Buttons

Tree Toolbar

Document Toolbar

Document Tree

Scratchpad's document tree is a hierarchical file structure that supports drag-and-drop to reorder documents. You can also drag documents onto other documents to create child documents.

Double click a document in the Document Tree to rename the document.

Public Download Scratchpad Items

When a document is public, no authentication is required to access the contents. The document is accessed by referencing the cryptographically secure random alphanumeric string. Anyone with this token can access the content while the document is public.

Tier Availability

Scratchpad is available on Hobby Tier and Pro Tier, and limited to two (2) scratchpad documents per Host on Free Tier.

The Public Download feature is not available on Free Tier.

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