Venom Builder


Venom Builder is a graphical user interface for building MSFVenom commands. The minimal steps required to use this tool are:

  1. Select your Payload

  2. Enter your LHOST and LPORT values

  3. Click the clipboard icon in the "MSF Venom Command" section

  4. Switch to a terminal

  5. Paste and execute the generated command

  6. Launch the MSF console and load the matching payload handler

  7. Deploy and execute the payload to your target

Level Up!

In the Payload search field, search for word fragments in any order to narrow down the list of payloads that match your environment and target.

Example: "win met rev tcp 64"

MSF Venom Command Section

This is the dynamically generated MSFVenom command to build your reverse shell payload. Take advantage of the various other fields in the Venom Builder interface to refine and customize your MSFVenom command.

Launch Console & Load Handler

This section generates a command to launch the MSF console and immediately load the payload's matching handler. This command is meant to be run locally in bash.

Load Handler Only

This section generates a series of commands to load the payload's matching handler from inside the MSF console. The MSF console must be launched separately.

Tier Availability

Venom Builder is available on all tiers.

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