Admin Panel

Example URL: http://localhost:7897/admin

Pro Tier's Admin Panel provides maintenance functionality such as checking for software updates, renewing your license, refreshing local repository caches, intranet configuration and user maintenance.

License Information

Version: the current version of your Pro Tier installation

Serial Number: generated at time of purchase, this serial number may be requested by support during a support ticket request

Registered To: the username, contact name and company name of the license holder

Issued: date the current license was issued

Expires: date the current license expires

User Licenses: number of users the license is valid for

Software Updates

Pro Tier does not automatically check for software updates. Additionally, Pro Tier does not contact the internet unless a user initiates a procedure that requires it, such as checking for software updates. When this happens the initiating user is prompted to confirm the action.

If a new version is available the software will confirm the upgrade and proceed to download and install the latest version. Database migrations take place when the application reboots.

Local Repo Caches

PenTest.WS maintains several local caches of repositories such as CSV DB, Exploit-DB, Nmap Scripts and Metasploit Modules. The Admin Panel offers buttons to update each of these local caches.

Intranet Mode Configuration

The Intranet Mode Config section is where you setup LDAP and SMTP integration.

User Maintenance

Please refer to the User Maintenance page for more details.

Tier Availability

Admin Panel is available on Pro Tier.

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