Default Service Checklist


The Default Service Checklist (DSC) acts as a todo list for your services. Found on the Port Page, the service checklist contains a list of things to check or actions to take when a new service is discovered running on a target.

As you work your way through enumerating and testing each service, mark items in your checklist complete by ticking the box next to each item. You can add checklist items on-the-fly or remove items from your checklist if needed. Adding, editing and deleting items from your checklist on the Port Page does not affect your Default Service Checklist.

Default Service Checklist Manager

The DSC Manager allows you to add, edit and delete items from a service's default checklist. You can also manually add services to the DSC using the "Add Service" button in the lower left.

Tier Availability

Default Service Checklist is available on Hobby Tier and Pro Tier.

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