Shells Library


The Shells Library is a user defined list of commands to execute, receive and maintain reverse shells. New accounts receive a default list of commands which can be expanded upon as needed.

Click the Edit Templates button to enter Change Mode. Here you will be able to create new scan templates or modify existing templates.

Reverse Shells

Reverse Shells is a user defined library of reverse shell commands meant to be executed through remote code execution vulnerabilities. Be sure to include your Host IP (%hip%) and Host Port (%hport%) variables in your command templates.

Shell Upgrades

This section of commands are used when a low quality shell is received from exploits such as remove code execution.

Shell Fixes

When receiving a reverse shell, its often needed to configure your terminal session so the columns, rows, clear screen and autocomplete work correctly. Shell Fixes is your command list to solve these problems.

Tier Availability

Shells Library is available on all tiers.

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