Main Window Layout

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Main Window Layout

Top Menu

The Top Menu contains items associated with your account and not tied to a specific Engagement. These features, such as the Shells Library and General Command Library will load into the Main Content Section when you are in an Engagement. This way you don't have to leave the Engagement to access your User Items.

User Menu

Your Account Settings, Membership Settings and several library managers are accessible from the top right User Menu.
The Sidebar lays out all of the Engagement's Hosts and Services for quick navigation.
The name of the Engagement
Click the Hosts header to expand or collapse the list of Hosts
Import XML
Add Hosts
Expand / Collapse all Hosts details
Refresh the Sidebar's Hosts & Ports list
Sort the Host list alphabetical / numerical
The Board selector
Host Type (server, workstation, router, etc.)
Host OS Type (Windows, Linux, etc.)
Host Target (IP address or hostname)
Load this Host
Host Flags
Host Label
Host Operating System
The Host's Port Table can be expanded by clicking on the Host itself. The colored dots indicate TCP/UDP port state:
Side Services
Click the Services header to expand or collapse the list of Services
Collapse all Service details
Refresh the Service list
The name of the Service
The Host Type and Operating System
Port state : Host Target : Port Number
Load the Host
Load the Port
The Service Version
The Host's Label
At the bottom of the Sidebar are buttons to Import XML and Add Hosts.

Engagement Menu

Engagement Menu
Under the Top Menu you'll find the Engagement Menu with objects related to the current Engagement. Some options in the Engagement Menu have Sub Menus, such as the Hosts tab.

Filter Indicators

Filter Indicators
When you select to select a Board or set filters in The Matrix, filter indicators will display in the Engagement menu.

Object Actions

Object Actions
These buttons apply to the current object loaded in the Main Content Section, including the Delete Object button.
Warning: be aware of what object is currently load when clicking Delete Object button. Deleting an Engagement will remove all associated Hosts, Ports, Credentials, Findings and other attached objects.
Sub Menus
Some tabs in the Engagement Menu have associated Sub Menus. Here we have selected the Hosts tab which brings up the Hosts Sub Menu.