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Most of us are familiar with Boards style organization. These boards are user-defined for each Engagement and can contain any number of Hosts. Sort each Board and it's Hosts using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Group your hosts however is most effective for your environment:

  • Status (in-progress, vulnerable, cleared)

  • Environments (web, int/ext, s.e., wifi)

  • AD Domains (us, europe, asia)

  • Phases (group1, group2, group3)

Once you have defined your Boards, use the Board Filter in the sidebar to limit your view to a selected Board. During a Shared Engagement (Pro Tier) this is a great way to designate different targets to different pentesters. Playing HackTheBox? Setup your Boards for Active Testing, Pwned, Archived, the possibilities are endless.

Board Sub Menu

Tier Availability

Boards are available on all tiers.

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