Free Tier & Hobby Tier

Free / Hobby Tier Dashboard
Mission Control on Free Tier & Hobby Tier show Engagement cards with a breakdown of their Host exploitation status:
Vacant: a Vacant Host is a remote machine where you have not achieved Remote Code Execution
Shelled: when you attain a low privilege shell on a remote Host, set the Shell
Owned: if you gain elevated privileges on a remote Host, set the Owned

Pro Tier

Pro Tier Dashboard
Pro Tier's Dashboard displays the Findings count broken down by Risk Level. These Risk Levels, and their associated color, are user defined in the Findings Admin.

Team Missions

When a teammate makes an Engagement Public or grants Read or Full access control to the current user, the Team Missions section appears on the Dashboard. Team Mission cards display the Engagement name, access status (Full/Read), Engagement owner & creation date as well as a summary of Findings.
Read more about Access Control​

Archived Engagements

Engagements can be archived by clicking the archive button
in Mission Control. When an Engagement is archived it no longer appears in Mission Control or other users' Team Missions section.
No data is lost when archiving Engagements

Restoring Archived Engagements

In the Archived Engagements table, click on an Engagement to restore it to Active status.

Tier Availability

Dashboard and Archived Engagements are available on all tiers.
Team Missions is available on Pro Tier.