Access Control List

Example URL: http://localhost:7897/e/{}/console
In a Pro Tier's Shared Engagement, the owner of an Engagement (the user who created the Engagement) can grant Read Only or Full Access to teammates on an individual basis.
Shared Engagement's Access Control
Alternatively, you can choose to make an Engagement Public, granting full access to all teammates. Engagements default to Restricted Access with all teammates in the No Access bucket.
An Engagement’s Access Control is available in the Console tab.

Team Missions

Shared Engagements appear on the remote user’s Dashboard under the Team Missions section.
Team Missions
  • In the example above, we are logged into the "alice" account.
  • The user "demo" has given "alice" Full Access to the "Demo" engagement.
  • The user "bob" has made his "ABC Widgets" engagement Public
Team Missions only appear if you have access to another user's Shared Engagement.

Tier Availability

Access Control is available on Pro Tier.