General Command Library


The General Command Library (GCL) is a place to store all your frequently used, and not so frequently used, general system commands.

Much like how the Service Command Library works for services, the GCL works for:

  • System enumeration

  • Privilege escalation

  • Shell escapes

  • File transfer shortcuts

  • Powershell download cradles

  • Pivot tunnels

  • … and anything else!!

Each command can be organized by Operating System, Category, and Sub-Category values. These filters are user-created and self-populated as more and more commands are entered into your GCL system. Additionally, you can quickly search for keywords such as "wmic" or "iex" if you’re looking for a specific functionality.

Filters are sticky, so you can navigate away from the GCL screen and when you return later, you’re dropped right back into the list of commands you were previously viewing.

Tier Availability

General Command Library is available on Hobby Tier and Pro Tier, and limits to five (5) commands on Free Tier.

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