Import Nmap & Masscan XML

Example URL:{}/import

Quickly add Hosts & Ports to your Engagement by importing the XML output from Nmap or Masscan.

Once you have scanned a target or network range with Nmap or Masscan, import the results in PenTest.WS by drag-and-drop or opening a file dialog.

Multiple Files

Multiple XML files can be imported at once. These files can be a mix of Nmap and Masscan results, but must be separate files. Click the trash can icon to remove a file from your current import.

Copy & Paste

You can also Copy & Paste a single XML file contents. This is handy for reverse shell or pivot shells where file extraction is only possible through the clipboard.

Import Options

Open ports only: Only imports tcp/udp ports which are open and accessible. All closed or filtered ports will not be imported.

Skip portless hosts: Do not create host records that do not have any associated ports.

Default Target

When a new host is discovered in the XML content, PenTest.WS will create a new Host record. You can choose to create Hosts with the target value of either a Hostname or an IP Address.

Tier Availability

Import XML is available on all tiers.

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