Two-Factor Authentication

PenTest.WS supports Two-Factor Authentication and can to be enabled per-account. You'll need a third-party authenticator app such as Google Authenticator:



Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Visit your Account Settings page to get started:

  1. Open your authenticator app

  2. Scan the provided QR Code

  3. Enter the One-Time Password to confirm everything is setup correctly

2FA Backup Codes

Once you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for you account you'll be provided 2FA Backup Codes. Be sure to write these down, download them or print them out, and don't lose them. They are required if you lose control of your authenticator app.

2FA Login

When logging into an account with 2FA enabled, you'll be presented with a Two-Factor Authentication prompt. Open your authenticator app and enter the one-time password.

2FA Backup Code Login

If you need to use a backup code to login, click the "Use A Backup Code" link and enter one of your ten backup codes. Once you have used a code and logged in, it will no longer be available to use again.

Tier Availability

Two-Factor Authentication is available on all tiers.

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